Published September 21, 2016

“Provence, you will love yourself through the eyes of this author, Coco Blignaut”. LE JOURNAL DE PROVENCE

“This book made me ravenously hungry!” JACK HELLER, THEATER DIRECTOR

“Your book is absolutely magnificent !!! The images are truly unique and amazing I’ve never seen anything like it. My boys and I really enjoyed reading the story last night”. TIA MATZA, mother, aerialist and actress

“Reading a picture book snuggled up with a child or two has been among the most useful and delightful times of my life. I see Coco’s book as the bedtime story of choice for many generations”.
DIANA MATHUR, mother and author – The Linden Tree and the Legionnaire.

“Our whole family LOVES this sweet fairy tale that is written more like a fable with beautifully illustrated scenes and poetic text. A wonderfully new and refreshing perspective with a legendary cat that takes one on delightful sensory romp through Provence and teaches some French along the way. Great for all ages!” SAM NAJAH, father and executive producer LAUNCH TV